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For the love of ALOE

Aloe Vera is one of the most diverse treats that mother nature provides us, in my opinion coming in at a close second next to the coconut. Aloe can be used in lotions and balms as a natural remedy for sunburn, wrinkles, dry spots, cold sores and for generally soothing the skin. Aloe can also be taken orally in its… Read more →

SXM YOGA reverse namaste


NEW YEAR, NEW INTENTIONS, NEW WEBSITE! So I have temporarily ditched the backpack and grabbed the yoga mat. After having the time of my life (so far) traveling Asia (and the world) over the last year I have decided to embrace some stability and settle on the *beyond beautiful Caribbean Island of Saint Maarten. So since my lifestyle has changed,… Read more →

This is a photo of me, is a sari, jumping in front of the Taj Mahal. Doesn't get more touristy than that right?

INDIA- internet cleanse.

Taking a break from blogging whilst in India. Considering I am in India, the home of Yoga, Meditation and consciousness I have decided to take a little break from blogging and focus on these things! We have completed out 200H Yoga Teacher Training; and have since travelled to many places with a tour. India has opened our eyes in many… Read more →