Tomorrow we will be leaving this peaceful, beautiful little treasure cove of an island and heading back via ferry to Bali. Going to spend the night in a hotel near the airport and on Saturday morning taking our flight from Bali to Singapore! where we will hang out in luxury for a few days before joining the backpackers community again in the Philippines

Indonesia has been a treat for all our senses. Indonesia has sparked our creativity, rekindled our love and passion and left us feeling grateful that the universe has, out of infinite possible outcomes allowed us the opportunity to travel this beautiful world  although we have only seen a small amount of indonisia it has been enough to enjoy some of the beauty that she has to offer. dancing with one hundred happy souls at the yoga barn, or becoming best friends with stray pups and kittens, diving with turtles and 100,000s of sea creatures, collecting beautiful sea shells and bits of dead coral, visiting mountains and temples and holy springs are just a few of the things we have accomplished during our time here.

this place has confirmed the thought that popped into my head whilst sitting on my sofa, watching grand designs 5 months ago…

I’d rather be exploring!

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