We walked up to Blue Lagoon beach for some snorkeling. Although the waves were rough it was still like being in an aquarium. The under water camera under-performed but here are a few good shots we did manage to capture. we saw squid and baby sting rays, DSCN3747elaborate corals and more fish species than I could count! including “Gill” from finding nemo, parrot fish and the very poisoness and occasionally fatal stone fish. We did some sunbathing and had a massage! On our walk there we encountered two playful stray kittens that came bouncing up to us, so we made a makeshift water bowl and gave them some cuddles. After the beach we had lunch in BLOO LAGOON beach resort which was up a steep hill with a magnificent view of Paddang Bais surrounding sea, but unfortunately the camera batt had died! Very successful day at the beach, except poor Miks lost his watch that his old captain gave him, so he was a bit sad!

We plan on leaving Paddang Bai earlier than expected to go to GILLI AIR, we can easily get there by a fast boat. Paddang Bai is a small village with only one main street, whilst the snorkeling here is worthwhile you still have to wade through litter to see anything interesting. We have our accommodation for another 3 nights but for £6 a night I think we will cut our losses and move on. We have though rally explored all modest beaches here in Paddang Bai, as well as a few restaurants and bars.

Gilli Air island is said to be snorkeling paradise, very quiet and peaceful with no cars on the island. We may require a visa extension but before we send off our passports were just going to check it out!


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