Candle light yoga, missing bank cards and mojitos!

 Day 10/11 in Gilli, Day 20/21 in Indonesia
I am now a certified Open Water Padi diver, yippee.

Miky with his free diving course

On my final day diving I saw several turtles, again… including “Spongie”, a turtle sleeping in a large sponge. He  looked very comfortable and my instructor told me that almost every day for the past 2 years, “Spongie” has been hanging out in or around the same sponge. Defending it aggressively against other sneaky sponge invaders.

Apart from diving, and receiving several compliments on my funky pom-pom shorts, (which I had originally planned on sending home to my sisters.. sorry guys), I have been extremely lazy. Gilli Air is nicknamed the Lazy Island, and I can see why! Although to be fair, we did walk around the island (tipsy at 1am) which took us an hour. Where we encountered a super cute puppy. Puppies, well dogs in general are frowned upon on the island, and theres only 2! I guess the locals have seen the gross over population of dogs on Bali, and the disease they spread and just decided- not here. We met an Australian expat living here whom had to give up her dog when she moved here due to the attitude of the locals… teasing him etc. No dogs, and no police.



Miky successfully completed his free-diving course, diving to depths of 20M and whilst holding a single breath he managed to catch a glimpse of 6 or so turtles. As Mikys course finished one day before mine he decided to jump on board a glass bottom boat with his course friends and explore the marine life surrounding
the other 2 Gilli islands. Whilst he very much enjoyed the company of his new pals,unfortunately he was not so impressed with the snorkeling tour itself. Poor fitting masks and fins, combined with a disrespectful (to the marine life) tour guide made for a mediocre experience.
Last night, at our candle light yoga and tibet bowl meditation class; we felt like the lovely little beginners we are, especially next to upside down, no hands, 5 minute headstand lady! A roaring thunderstorm and fierce, cool breeze only enhanced our beautiful practice. After which, sweaty and gross we headed straight to zip bar and caught the last of the four hour happy hour. Today has been filled with the boring task of retracing our steps to rediscover my bank card, as M has possibly managed to leave it in the ATM machine.(doh) As we have had no luck all day I now have to go through the tedious process of canceling said card and trying to organize shipment to Indonesia. Not so fun! Still, as far as not fun things go.. sitting on the phone, with a mojito watching the sunset at scallyways beach bar is one of those not fun things I don’t mind!
Love and light to all
K xxxxxx
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