Donsol is a modest town in the South of Luzon in The Philippines

On day two of our time here we decided to go on a FIREFLY WATCHING TOUR!

Have you ever seen a firefly? Can you imagine their beautiful glowing butts? Can you imagine HUNDREDS of them, lighting up the trees around you?

About seven thirty in the evening, the sun has long since set, the mosquitos feeding-frenzy subdued and the howl of the thunder has become a distant and infrequent echo. (Its Rainy Season) Miky and I are going out to see the cozy glow from the hundreds of fireflies hanging out in the trees near the river. Although we had originally planned to view the lit trees by river boat, we were told that the boats were no longer in operation (end of season) and so instead, we took a tricycle. Johnathan (our driver) hooted his squeaky horn at his wife and bellowed at her to join us on our tour. She took her seat, on the motorbike behind him (sitting like a lady of course) and we drove off. After about fifteen minutes of seeing nothing but the weak beam of light created by ourmotorbike, suddenly, the trees surrounding us were alight with green and yellow light-dots. Flashing fireflies amongst the leaves, made the whole tree come alive, moving with the light pulse. We had temporarily stopped in the middle of a tall bridge. Below us, in the murky green river, a single fisher man in his tiny boat, equipped with a paddle, spear and lantern edged his way along. We stopped at two other spots, one a bit further away from the river itself but equally as beautiful. Like lots of decorated christmas trees!

We could easily catch many fireflies and squint into our cupped hands at their impressive glow, before flinging them back into the air to join their thousands of buddies! I had never seen Fireflies like this before today, and I am very grateful to have been given the chance. I am so in love with the tiny wonders in this world. 

(I couldn’t help whispering “EVANGELINEEEE” to all my firefly pals.. anyone who loves Disney as much as I do and has seen The Princess and The Frog will understand)



The photos do not even remotely do this spectacle justice!

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