The Philippines

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BAGUIO A city in the sky, a highly urbanized city perched high in the mountainside. Due to the altitude the weather was crisp and cool and I found myself wearing my hoodie at night time. Our hotel was horrendous. We stayed at the Henrico Hotel for one night, amongst the wet damp sheets and cockroaches, DO NOT STAY HERE. We managed to… Read more →



Who is your favorite celeb? You know in the film “Inception” with the beautiful Leo; when they weave an intricately detailed dream, and somehow act out of place so that the other dream characters stare perpetually at Ellen Page?…. thats what it feels like walking around Legazpi in The Philippines. The kids especially all stare at us, often asking “how tall are… Read more →



Getting Around in Donsol Donsol is a town South of Luzon, and in the low season, its very modest and despite busstelign tourism in the previous years, the tourism has quietened down and Donsol has been left unchanged. There are no western fast food restaurants, no shops and no vending machines. It is perfectly SE Asian in every way. If… Read more →



Donsol is a small town in the South of Luzon. Most known for its Whalesharks and Fireflies  We checked into our accommodation, another cozy beach bungalow. This time, minus the essential a/c.. DUN DUN DUNNNNN! But hey, its good to be out of your comfort zone occasionally.  Victorias Bungalows, three smallish on-suite rooms . Woven bamboo and wood is structured to provide a comfortable… Read more →

cebu city


CEBU CITY We came back to Cebu City after our FABULOUS retreat in Palawan to attend our friends wedding. After the wedding we continued to stay in the City, and used the time kind of like a “pit stop” Somehow I managed to break/temporarily confuse my macbook, my phone and my camera. Out of all three only one could not be… Read more →



ISLAND HOPPING IN PALAWAN PUERTO PRINCESA,  A beautifully serene destination in the South of the Philippines on an island names PALAWAN. Two days in Puerto Princesa. Our accommodation is a place to get close to nature- the HIBISCUS GARDEN INN hammocks line the balcony overlooking the beautiful garden. Our evenings outside our joined by bats, frogs,lizards, cats, and many other wonderful… Read more →



BORACAY   We spent the last three days, parting and island hopping in Boracay, Philippines. Boracay may be described as an “Asian Malia” hosting funky bars and clubs, with countless happy hours and Brits on tour of some fun and sun. Not to mention, a stunning white beach. On our first night, we were swallowed by the Boracay nightlife, made… Read more →



HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A GIANT CLAM?   Longer than the length of a pillow?  Can you imagine isolated white sand beaches, scattered with elaborate shells, aqua-green still water, caves with hidden openings, lush green landscapes and clams as big as boulders. Now imagine having all that to yourself.. This is Hundred Islands, a protected paradise located in Alaminos City. The… Read more →



  VIGAN Vigan is a town in the North of Luzon, best known for being one of the few Hispanic towns left in the Philippines. We took two flights, and one three hour bus journey from Legazpi to arrive at our VERY modest hostel/homestay- Casa Teofila Lodge. Poorly lit rooms and an uncomfortable mattress, but clean enough, working air-conditioning and a powerful shower.… Read more →