FINALLY a Certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor!!!

As of this moment I am a officially a certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher!!!! I have literally just attended the graduation fire ceremony here at Kranti and received my 200HR YTTC certificate.


The course took four weeks to complete and aside from Ashtanga Yoga I also learnt to teach Kriyas (ancient Aryuvedic cleansing techniques- involving catheters up your nostrils and various other crazy things) Pranayama and Meditation. As well as so, so, so much more! Throughout the four weeks my personal journey has zig zagged and jumped and dipped, soared and dives, my hips and heart has cracked open and I have changed so much. I am excited to see where these new changes and fresh perspective will lead me.

I am so grateful to have has the opportunity to train in India, being the origin of Yoga I believe we learnt authentic and spiritual teachings that may in a western program have been overlooked. We were able to have an introduction into the Hare Krisna religion and learn about the Baghdad-Gita (a spiritual book originating from India) We have enjoyed Morning Meditations and moon meditations, mantras and chants, laughter and friendship, acro yoga, beach yoga, yin yoga, morning yoga, yoga yoga yoga, Holy Cows, Goan sunsets, cocktails and coconuts and indian outside jungle clubs, we have watched the rising sun and visualized the rising sun during meditations, Pratika candle gazing and met some souls that have changed my life. Miky also completed the course and brings his happy-go-lucky attitude to his teachings for all to enjoy. I loved every moment of the course (ok, nearly every moment, some *adjustment moments maybe weren’t loved wholeheartedly!) Thank you everyone for the support. Kranti Yoga School is truly a happy place on the beautiful Patnem beach and you cant help but fall in love with everyone and everything there. Looking forward to coming back for my 300H one day soon! 



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