Miky and I walked around Ubuds bustling streets for a few hours today.

The first thing that I LOVE LOVE LOVE about this place is the GREEN JUICE. refreshing, nourishing, fresh green juice in abundance, and they’re practically giving it away! After breakfast we walked the 20/25 minute walk to -The YogaBarn and by the time we arrived we were saturated. The heat is humid and it sneaks up on you quite quickly considering at 830am (when we left) it was almost cool! We grabbed some information about Yoga and Meditation classes held at the YogaBarn, which are plentiful and then had some lunch at the KUSH Cafe. (KUSH Cafe derives its name from the Sanskrit/Hindi language meaning Happiness. Its a place of balance, calm, strength and contentment)


I indulged in some creamy, rich, garlic pesto pasta which was outstanding, accompanied by a virgin mojito (coconut water, brown sugar, lime) and a LARGE COCONUT for the road. Second LOVE of the day, the straws for the coconuts/juices are PLANT STEMS. ORGANIC! We made friends with a giant ant at lunch time, before noticing them dotted all around the place. Even Miky, who grew up on the Caribbean Island of ST MARTIN was impressed with Mr.Ants size!


After lunch we decided to brave the heat again and wander around. We caught sight of a Balinese lady, with a kind, wrinkled and open face carrying two LARGE basins on her head, and bending FREQUENTLY along the road to pick up fallen leaves. As I took a photo of Miky in the foreground she stood perfectly still, as if posing but without a single alteration of her expression, and after the photo, continued with her business! We also witnessed a young boy playing video games, in his completely unfurnished concrete home amongst the mopeds.

After an !exhilarating! experience at Monkey Forest (separate post to follow) we were intrigued by a large open bamboo cafe which seemed rife with backpackers on MacBooks and locals alike. The steps leading to the cafe were littered with shoes, so we slipped ours off and headed inside. We sat on cushions on the floor and enjoyed yet more green juice, when Miky (whom was obviously feeling irresponsible) ordered an unknown local beverage which he thought to be a type of tea.


The drink arrived in an unsealed, unlabeled wine bottle- which to me SCREAMS – MOONSHINE/POSION. But
apparently not to Miky, despite my pleas he took a few sips of the substance before agreeing something was odd. It was definitely alcoholic and Miky admitted to feeling “a type of high” and asked the waitress. She didnt seem to understand us fully but told Miky “good drink made of mushroom.” Fair to say it wasn’t long before we poured the bottle down the sink hole!

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