DSCN4062thats how many I have seen today. some big, some small, some bright green, some more yellow, some sleeping, some eating, some friendly and some obvious victims of shark attacks! I am on day 2 of my Open water padi, and I never thought I would LOVE diving as much as I do. I have done 2 dives so far, plus learnt various skills like controlled buoyancy, removing and replacing mask underwater and entering the water safely. I have been doing the 007 James Bond, backwards from a boat trick and stepping in from standing. I am lucky enough to have the most amazing instructor, Gareth. I love him, he has managed to completely transform me and give me the confidence I need to continue to my advanced padi! two days ago, I sat crying on the boat, because I was SO NERVOUS about diving, and today I have allowed my head to swell from the numerous compliments I have had about my diving skills! “I don’t usually like to admit this, but you managed to surface with the same amount of air left as me” (120 Bar) whilst other new divers were surfacing with 50! It just shows how completely relaxed I felt down there. Its like another world, snorkeling will never be the same again!  I love the sound of the ocean, and feeling completely weightless like an astronaut.

DSCN4025I cant even begin to explain the zen I feel whilst diving amongst the coral with the turtles and 10000000000s different species of fish. I just love it. I have been hanging out at the dive resort solidly for 2 days. So has Miky. To keep himself occupied whilst Ive been gaining my certificates he enrolled himself to a free dive course. Which he has just completed, diving to depths of 20m with one single breath. He saw 6 turtles today, one came up and touched his instructors face!

Turtles such peaceful creatures, watching them gently glide along the ocean, or pop up to the surface they even manage to look cute whilst devouring sea weed.

sorry for not posting in a few days- been really busy DIVING!

I will also not be posting on FB so much anymore so please log on to my site to see posts.


K xxxxxxx


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  1. Donna
    May 23, 2014 at 1:02 PM

    I love deep water diving, I’ve been down 40 m free diving before…….in my dreams! Wouldn’t get me down there with the sharks!!!!xxx

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