This is a photo of all the things I bought in Singapore

IMG_2062 1-Henna dye and pipe applicator (to have a go at designing and applying my own henna!)

2-Nag Champa (best smell EVAHHH) incense sticks, for when odeur a la sweaty Miky gets too much.

3-A purple maglight torch (because I left my torch under my pillow in the Gilli Islands.. boo!)

4-An amethyst neckless to match my bracelet

5-A tigerseye rooster neckless (its my Chinese sign, and the shop owner was very convincing! and miks got a matching one)

6-A Singapore post card, just cause.

7- A watch, it was cheap and I needed one.

8-A crop top, from new look. So people don’t see ma nips when I don’t wear a bra!

9-Tickets -the cinema, -the Singapore flyer, -Universal Studios S

and obviously food, drinks and other necessities!

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