For the love of ALOE

Aloe Vera is one of the most diverse treats that mother nature provides us, in my opinion coming in at a close second next to the coconut. Aloe can be used in lotions and balms as a natural remedy for sunburn, wrinkles, dry spots, cold sores and for generally soothing the skin. Aloe can also be taken orally in its pure form, which is a kind of gel with a jelly egg white consistency to aid with digestion, cleansing and weight loss. Each morning for the last week I have been having an Aloe Juice FRESH from the garden.The beautiful Herlinde cuts a fresh Aloe leaf from her Garden and prepares it by cutting away the sharp spiked edges and then kind-of filleting it and scooping out the gel. We usually have the gel with lemon and honey. The taste and consistency of Aloe Vera can take some getting used to and as a rule- the more lemon you put in your smoothie the easier it all is to swallow! We make ours very bitter and balance with honey. You could even add ginger and chia for added digestive benefits. I have recently been making my own lotions and potions and will try adding fresh aloe as soon as I work out how to preserve it!
 If you live in a temperate climate Aloe is very easy to grow and potted plants can sit on balconies or window ledges. It will keep you and your family healthy for years… for free. Nutrients and love straight from your garden!
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