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Imagine living in a world of no curfews, no alarms, no police, no expectations. If you don’t fancy getting dressed.. don’t, walk around all day in your bikini without your shoes or your purse. Go grab a coconut, hack off the top and whack a straw in it. Swim in the sea, enjoy the oceans, enjoy the sea life, gorgeous corals and giant puffa fish, enjoy each other, enjoy the food, the happy hours of cocktails and large Bintang beers. Collect shells, and memories, smile at strangers and cuddle kittens. Cycle around on your bike, and leave it anywhere, wherever you feel like stopping- knowing its safe. Even with your towels and bag inside the little basket at the front. Fix a fear, reorder your mind, question your thoughts, question your fears and overcome them. Hang out with turtles and starfish, hang out with yogis and divers, eat by candle light, shower outside, dance to live bands, with sandy feet and salty hair wearing nothing but your sarong.




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