IMG_1432Squeezing 2 days into one post again as were stopped off at internet restaurant, overlooking the ocean and the near island of Lombok. Theres a rainbow over Lombok right now, but here its clear and cool at 17.30. Miks is beside me; reading his kindle, occasionally letting out little smirks and theres house music thumping from the bar directly behind me. We just shared a chocolate brownie to reward us of yet another successful snorkeling experience. We jumped right from the restaurant into the sea and swam out for about 40 meters until we overlooked another impressive “drop”. The turquoise blue, colorful fish riddled, relatively shallow water quickly morphs into an eerily still, deep, dark blue. The water is clear and yet you cant see the bottom. When swimming out I feel like nemo when he went to touch the boat, and was unforgivably snatched by a mistaken diver.

Yesterday I woke up and disinfected my leg (disgusting cut from IMG_1463falling over with bike). We cycled over to Scallyways beach bar, after an outdoor shower and breakfast on the beach. Where we quickly stripped off and went snorkeling. We have hired masks and flippers for less than £1 a day for 5 days! As you can imagine the Gilli Islands are a snorkeler or divers paradise. I have never seen anything like it in my life, and I have snorkeled extensively around the Caribbean and in the Med. We spent hours swimming amongst thousands of beautiful sea creatures. I won’t name them all, but close your eyes and imagine (SORRY ANOTHER FINDING NEMO REFERENCE) the drop-off, on nemos first day of school. Only breaking to occasionally clear masks or splutter sea water, or of course to scream at each other to paddle quickly over and check something out. Swimming deep down, equalizing and getting a closer look at a starfish, or an urchin, or a lobster. At the deepest point we dared to go about 40 metros below us- Miky noticed a TURTLE!!! gently gliding along feasting on seaweed. In all the excitement I managed to flap my arms viciously enough to swipe off Miks mask, which to his disappointment meaning he had to return to the surface and reorganize his equipment, before quickly diving down for a few more photos. We only got to spend a few fleeting minutes with this magical creature before he disappeared into the darkness below.

DSCN4062After spending the most part of the day either out at sea, or sitting enjoying yet more sashimi and mojitos we went back to our little bungalow and then cycled along the beach to see yet another “most amazing thing of my life”… the sunset. The sunset can only be seen in the north of the island, and unfortunately we set off too late to actually catch the sun disappearing. The aftermath however, I would imagine to be just as impressive. Vibrant reds and shades of orange filled the sky and the still sea below it. We stayed being all romantic for 20 minutes or so, before following a fisherman with his latest catch to a little open fire; where he cooked the freshly caught yellow tail for us. Not a scrap was wasted, as I shared my fishes head and tail with a local stray cat.

Today we eagerly dived into the sea directly from our bungalow, we swam out pretty far again. The bed bellow continued shallow for several tens of meters, again surrounded by thousands of colorful fish, when we suddenly noticed… less than a meter below us, a beautiful turtle. Vibrant greens and yellow smudged all over his shell. We were close enough to touch him, grab onto his shell, swim around with him, play with him. And although its on my “official bucket list” to hold onto a wild turtles shell, watching him peacefully glide around us in the silent, bubbling world under the sea.. it just didn’t feel right to disturb him. So we kept our distance (even if only a couple of feet) and swam along side him for maybe an hour. Time seemed to slow down before I realized I hadn’t even spoken to Miky the whole time!

The sun is setting now, and my drink is low… so time to log off!


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