Cebu                                       Krystal Moore

We left our hotel… The Quest Hotel in Cebu city for the airport and took our flight to MANILLA, and then on to Phuket. 

We have in total spent exactly 8 weeks in The Philippines.

Two months of enjoying the culture, the religion and most of all the nature. I am a nature lover, always have been and for me the most astounding places I have seen in my life have been in the Philippines. Meter long Clams and breathtaking waterfalls, Whalesharks and Fireflies; the clearest water and the whitest sand. Many places in the Philippines (aside from Boracay) are not built up beaches with sun beds and servers, just you and nature.

I managed to get a few sweet photos as we were landing in Manilla. Such a vast contrast between the metal sheet roofed simple shack structures and high-rise!

 Cave diving, zip lining, quad biking, roof tops, batt islands, island hopping, volcanos, raw food, treehouse living and great friends and rich culture. I remember our first Tricycle Ride… and how much we have learnt about Filipino Culture since that day!

Thank you Philippines, it has been a pleasure exploring your islands.


Manilla City                              Krystal


Manilla City                     Krystal

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