Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and the second largest city.

Its a place where you have to close your eyes to cross the road because it literally is too scary. Notorious for their unbelievably-wild road traffic; Hanoi for me has not been particularly ideal. We arrived in Hanoi after spending five days in sleepy, serene, spiritual Luang Prabang and the contract is heart attack enducing!

We wandered the streets and admired the street venders, hustling pineapples or other home grown treats. Checked out the woman’s history museum and just generally wandered the busy streets.




The night market was an insufferable experience. Hoards of local vietnamese people, most of whom were wearing scary masks?! As if the experience wasn’t hard enough already! I love markets, in particular I love Asian Markets filled with home made, natural products. A place to capture local culture and cuisine. Hanoi night market is less like this and more like… walking through a dairy farm to be milked, as a cow.  No one could move, hundreds of tiny elbows jabbing your ribs. You could hardly get close enough to the stalls to actually buy anything!!!


Miky at the woman’s history museum in Hanoi



The motorbikes go in every direction, and all directions, there are no pavements and its petrifying. I am sorry to say that the only part of Hanoi that I genuinely enjoyed was watching the sun setting on the lake. Much like in NY Central Park everyone here comes to the lake to exercise and relax, but you can not escape the noise! The view from our hotel was also beautiful, particularly at night. We also looked briefly around the temple and saw a water puppet show. Which was actually entertaining!

IMG_6498 IMG_6574

Hanoi was interesting for me for an hour, I loved to see the local culture- the street socializing and the beautiful architecture and after that it was a genuine assault to every one of my senses. Im sorry, but I am not a fan of Hanoi City.


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