Could you let go of EVERYTHING and just dance around like a free person? Its good for your health and your mind….


Another first today, before our afternoon yoga class and vegetarian buffet we went to SUNDAY
DANCE! Which was essentially a hippie rave! You know that person at a festival, or club you’re in – that seems to be having a lot more fun dancing than everyone else, well.. EVERYONE was that person here! people were hugging, kissing, twirling, clapping, screaming, floating, laughing, crying, sweating, tip-toeing, and lying down, jumping and dancing and just moving any way they wanted to. At first I felt shy and weird and out of place, but the longer the dance went on the more I realized- actually, no one is paying attention to me! It was my own fear of judgement restricting me. Miky was being very expressive and not holding back, so I let lose and allowed myself to dance like a crazy bee was chasing me, or like I was trying to touch a leaf darting around me, or just however I wanted to!

You might look slightly (or very) ridiculous.. but who cares?

Its fun, try it!

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