Longer than the length of a pillow? 

Can you imagine isolated white sand beaches, scattered with elaborate shells, aqua-green still water, caves with hidden openings, lush green landscapes and clams as big as boulders. Now imagine having all that to yourself..

This is Hundred Islands, a protected paradise located in Alaminos City.

The most beautiful place I have seen so far in Asia…



From our quaint hotel Villa Antolin (friendly accommodating staff, good food, clean and spacious) and  jumped aboard a small motorized wooden boat equipped with friendly guides to chaffier us from the main land to the islands.
The boat ride took around ten minutes during which time I was entirely submersed in the beauty that surrounded us. I have never seen water so green and tall, lush, mushroom-shaped islands just kept appearing either side of us, towering above our little boat. The first island we stepped onto was  Governor Island, which has a little villa for guests to stay in. We climbed two-hundred or so steps for a stunning birds eye view of the islands.


Out of 100 islands, only 3 have been “built for tourism” with running water, and perhaps a restaurant. Our guide sailed us around the islands, to admire the crystal clear water and pointed out “Turtle island” and “Croc island” so named because of their uncanny resemblance to said animals! Before long we had stopped at our next island, several steps led the way to the top of the island, where we met a deep cave.


Hundreds of bats were hanging out on the roof of the cave, whilst a way down at the bottom was bright blue water. “Lets jump” I said, from the high cliff and into the water. Mikhail went first, whooping and landing with a splash and disturbing the stillness. Then it was my turn! It took two “1-2-3s” but I too let go, and jumped into the deep below. DSCN4303 IMG_2612       DSCN4307

Once inside the water in the cave, we realized there was no route back up, no chance of clambering up the sides and so we swam (with our masks) through a little opening that led to the open sea, and around the island and back to the beach where our boat bobbed. It only took a few seconds to notice the tiny stings we were getting. Tiny jelly-fish looking things, the size of peas gave us sharp electric stings the whole way back, painful, but not bad enough to stop Miky climbing back up and jumping in the cave again!

After our thrilling experience we decided to have a snorkel around another island, with less stingers and GIANT CLAMS. A meter and a half in length, beautiful bright flesh glowing amongst the dead corals. We dove down to admire them closely and noticed the skeletal clam shells.
Lion island, we had the beach to ourselves, we had the island to ourselves we had the surrounding fifty islands to ourselves! We stayed and relaxed in the fresh transparent waters, with only the company of friendly fish and hermit crabs. We ate our two mango packed lunch on our own private island under the eroded rocks. To get some shelter from the sun.


DSCN4368After hours of enjoying peace and beauty on lion island. Swimming in the ocean and playing on the beach we went to Children Island named after the shallow waters that surround; where we hired a kayak. We row-ed ourselves around in the transparent waters, in caves and between rocks.

IMG_2671 IMG_2662



On the way home we passed Bat island. Hundreds of thousands of bats with dark black wings and caramel fur hanging from the trees. Making is almost impossible in parts,  to see the green leaves under the mass of black wings.


I have never seen anything more beautiful. Hundred Islands is the most serene sanctuary on earth. My new happy place! I am so grateful to have had the chance to visit this heaven. I highly recommend a trip here, leave nothing and take nothing. Nothing but memories that will last the rest of my wonderful life.




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  3 comments for “HUNDRED ISLANDS

  1. Donna
    June 22, 2014 at 7:42 PM

    Wow thank the good lord there was an exit out of the cave and you didn’t have to stay there until a rescue arrived as that could have taken a little while. Remote, peaceful, beautiful, serene – I wish I was there with you but I would have definitely worried too much about you & Mik jumping into that deep cave so probably best that I just read about it. xxx

  2. Gillian Stupka
    June 22, 2014 at 8:38 PM

    We love reading about your adventures and how fearless you both are. Love all your photo’s!

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