Luang Prabang is a city in Laos, well known for the many Buddhist temples, monks and monasteries.

We stayed in a beautiful guest house named Thongbay riverside. A dreamy little escape next to the river, with an uninterrupted views of the local farmers in their small wooden boats and the many birds. Not to mention a stunning view of the hillside temple, lit us specially at night. We sat and ate our breakfast on the balcony here each morning.

We spent a few days here, wandering the beautiful streets: admiring trinkets and drinking fresh passion fruit juice. We became friends on the slowboat trip from Huay Xai (close to the Thai boarder) with an English couple whom we hung out with in Luang Prabang and went to the waterfalls with.


The two waterfalls we visited were very different. One was a vast drop, gushing, rushing powerful wild waterfall; and the other a series of turrets with clear blue water ideal for swimming.

IMG_6328 DSCN5041

We climbed the first waterfall, a steep hike along side until we came to the fast flowing rapids above, where we gingerly overlooked the amazing waterfall drop!

IMG_6309 DSCN4999

We also watched hundreds of monks performing the morning alms ritual at 5:30am, collecting food from the locals. It was so beautiful and peaceful to watch the sunrise with so many silent clay clad monks.


We spent the rest of our time in Luang Prabang either drinking or doing Yoga in Utopia, a funky little backpackers bar with the mantra “Zen by day groovy by night!” A beautiful city rich in culture and spirituality.

Next on to Hanoi in Vietnam!

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