IMG_1738Miky and I took a “trip to the beach” last night. Being our final night, we got a bit silly and lay like star fish on the empty, sparkling beach. Shiny shells twinkled in the moon light, the stars … mirroring the crabs on the sandy surface below, seemed to run to each other when I wasn’t looking at them- shooting stars left light traces in the sky, that stayed imprinted in my minds eye. Fuzzy boats bobbed about in the low tide, rainbows danced around the street lights, blobs became shapes and shapes became creatures. shiny and warm.
Some things are just too beautiful, or crazy or personal to write about. This is one of those things: sometimes there just isn’t the words to describe something fully, or good enough. the word “light” doesn’t really describe light at all, but – last night at the beach, I went to wash my sandy blue flip flops in the gently washing sea. when I suddenly notice a neon light under the water, Miky sees it too. we whop our the weightless torch, shining like a god of light at the blue light under the sand. when we turned the light off- wow. suddenly the blue things were everywhere. truly an unforgettable experience. beyond beautiful and I’m so happy that we were able to see this magnificent light show before we left

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