Pretty coincidental that my name is Krystal because anyone who has ever met me will know that I LOVE CRYSTALS. I wear over 15 various crystal beaded bracelets.So I was very excited to learn that Sri Lanka is the only place in the world where you can mine for blue moonstones.


Somewhere between Bentota and Galle is a working moonstone mine, which we had the pleasure of visiting. Upon arrival we were greeted by the manager of the mine whom showed us the inner workings of moonstone panning. First we learnt how the working men get up and down the 40m mine.. by a small rope and ladder-like palm wood.
Then we watched as the miner removed the sand from the panning bowl leaving only the gems inside.
We then watched the secondary process of perfecting the gems by grinding them down by hand and turn them into jewelry.
IMG_7586 IMG_7588
We were able to look at all the beautiful, rough (sometimes giant) stones that had been found either there or elsewhere.
IMG_7591We were also shown on the premises how to cultivate cinnamon oil/powder/bark and aloe.
 Of course we were finally given the hard-sell in the overpriced gift shop.
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