We Arrived in Legazpi (South of Luzon) to explore and see the famous Mount Mayon. Said to have the most perfect shaped volcano in the world.


We wandered the streets of Legazpi before coming to the EMBARCADERO “outdoor mall” near the harbor.  A wedding show with garish colorful bride-gowns, a love melody playing on repeat and blue and white glinting lights, was being. Despite the obvious endeavor of attracting visitors, very few people lingered around the show.  A few clothes shops, an open-stall tattoo parlor (a guy laying on a sunbed having a dragon tattooed on his leg) and several small eateries. Whilst the mall itself is a fairly average spectacle, the lighthouse in the same vicinity boasts a jaw dropping view of the active volcano, Mount Mayon.  We marveled at the sunset behind the volcano. The cone of which is considered to be the world’s most perfectly-formed volcano for its symmetry, which was formed through lava flows from past eruptions and erosion. The last erosion taking place Dec 2009 and thick black lava trails remain boldly on the face of the volcano. 


Today we were feeling particularly adventurous after a few days of fairly mellow “strolls” around the city. Trip advisor had sparked our curiosity and inspired a trip to Langdon Hill. Not only the official Legazpi viewpoint for the volcano but also hub for several adventure tours. Including Quad biking , zip lining and walking a rickety “Japanese” bridge or making your way through eerie underground tunnels.

We took a taxi from our hotel to the extremely steep hill; after some time reached the top and were taking aback by the phenomenal view. Unfortunately due to the low clouds, we have not yet been able to see the peak of the mountain, but still managed to capture some fabulous photos. (Despite slight obstructions from the zip-lining lines) Looking out from the opposite side of the hill, visitors may experience an impressive view of Legazpi city and to the waters beyond.  Whilst I contemplated the bright roves and palm trees and how much more green and exotic it looks in comparison with Essex; Mikhail was particularly impressed watching the planes coming in to land. A WW2 style siren sounded, to our alarm, when a guide informed us this is to alert people or goats to move from the runway.



We kitted up with helmets and harnesses and within minutes of the idea popping into our head we were walking up some steps to the platform to zip line across the hill. Whilst hanging from our harness we were surrounded by lush greenery, enjoying unobstructed 360 views of Legazpi! I felt very close to nature being amongst the trees, with a welcome breeze gently hitting our faces. We then took a motorbike each to a secondary tour operator to discuss our options for quad biking up the mountain tomorrow. We had a go on the quad bikes and chose what one we will be riding up the volcano tomorrow.



All in all a thrilling and inspiring day. Now we are going to grab some filipino style dinner and have a wander around the night market.


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