Getting Around in Donsol

Donsol is a town South of Luzon, and in the low season, its very modest and despite busstelign tourism in the previous years, the tourism has quietened down and Donsol has been left unchanged. There are no western fast food restaurants, no shops and no vending machines. It is perfectly SE Asian in every way. If you want something to eat, then you should stand beside a vendor and grab yourself some local street food. Thats actually, our favorite way to travel!

After a long flight, and an interesting walk on the beach we walked into the main town for some dinner. Small but constantly bustling. I felt like a celebrity as everyone was calling out to us, waving and squealing as we walked past. Marveling at Miks hight and at my blonde hair.  As it was dark, with no street lights we decided to take a “tricycle” home. A motorbike with an aluminum seat welded to the side, it looks like something from Wallace and Grommet, we squeezed in and whizzed off into the night.


Laughing nervously as we were catapulted over bumps and around the occasional cow in the road. It turns out that Tricycles are a very popular means of transportation in The Philippines, much like the tuk-tuks in other parts of Asia. I didn’t know it then, but we would go on to have hundreds of rides in Tricycles all around The Philippines, and to really enjoy them! Maybe we could fashion one for the English Roads… pah!


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