At the age of 10  I discovered that I had an allergy to extreme spice. I don’t even remember the dish that did it, but within moments of eating something !SPICY! I was being driven to A&E by my dad, sitting in the back seat of his car car because my lips had swollen up to the size of sausages and my tongue was camouflaged in a mass of white spots. (sexy!) I had had similar unfriendly reactions to spice before and after several tests and few answers I was instructed just to “steer clear” of spice for now. So I did….  but eventually found I couldn’t resist  occasionally opting for sensations sweet chili crisps! and as I got older the reactions became less severe, to positively mild upon eating chili/spice. But I still prefer foods more mild than firery!

Hense, in Little Indias, Little indian restaurant -Lagnaa Barefoot Dining I opted for the most mild tikka masala available. The owner took our order, and assured me that a number 1.5 is the most mild the chef can make it, that I would barely taste spice. WOAH- what an extreme difference of opinion. I managed, with great difficulty about 3 mouthfuls before begging for some yogurt sauce and being teased by all the staff! “Its only a 1.5, how can you taste the spice?” and “you don’t need yogurt sauce, there is no spice” Even Miky, who genuinely enjoys the tingling, burning horrific sensations that spicy food evokes- agreed it was “pretty fkn spicy!” (There was a rope with clothes pegs and peoples names attached, for those whom has managed a level 5 and above, and the champion.. and aussie who managed a 9!)

After a short rain pour this morning, we had a walk around the city. On our way to “ARAB STREET” we became distracted by an odd little market, of second hand things. Big tarps on the floor and items thrown out onto them- binoculars, camera cases, spectacles, video tapes and many more funky treasures. By the time we eventually reached Arab street, the sun was shining with all her might and we
were hot! After wandering around for a few minutes, admiring the trinkets and clothes being sold we came across a nostalgia shop/museum. It cost us 2SPdollars each to check out the upstairs
IMG_1853section of the shop, filled to the brim with collectors toys, school uniforms, old games, sunglasses and so much more. A strong sense of sentimentality filled the room, as most of the toys and items belonged to the elderly shop owner! We bought ourselves a game of old school snakes and ladders (the best right?!) and continued with our walk.

A small shop selling crystals and jewelry with lots of Chinese  items
around the place sparked our curiosity. With the encouragement of the shop owner, Miks and I each bought ourselves a gemstone neckless with our Chinese animal carved in. Myself- Rooster, and Miks a dragon.  (More info on Chinese calendar and animals here- http://www.travelchinaguide.com/intro/social_customs/zodiac/ ) I found the most perfect neckless boasting clear depiction of a Rooster and made from tigers eye stone. Which is for courage and strength, whilst Miks dragon was etched on a piece of calming lime Jade- for protection.

After some sushi Miks and I strolled over to the mall and cinema, uncovering Singapore fashion and discovering their love for IMG_1874eccentric shoes! When we slipped up on for me.. a big, traveling NO NO. We went to the cinema (shame face) Not that theres anything wrong with going to the cinema, its just we could have been exploring so much more of Singapore rather than watching Disneys Maleficent (which by the way was AH-MAZING!) but hey, we went to the cinema and enjoyed! After which, we found yet another little IMG_1876market, and I grabbed myself a £3 watch, (constantly looking at my bare wrist out of habit is annoying!) and Miks indulged in some asian street food. (despite seeing a HUGE cockroach hang out on the bread rolls on the shelf-ewewewewew)

(be sure to check out more photos on my “memories” page or alternatively on my Facebook page Drifting Soul.

I would say an extremely successful day in Singapore. I hope you enjoyed your day as much as i enjoyed mine! But if not… don’t worry, theres always tomorrow!


K xxxxxx

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  1. Jill
    June 1, 2014 at 7:36 PM

    We love reading all your entries and seeing your awesome photo’s sounds like you are really enjoying yourselves. Thank you!

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