After not having seen each other for SIX MONTHS, my family have joined us on our travels for a short holiday in Sri Lanka!


After spending a few days in Bentota, enjoying the beach and hanging out with baby turtles at the TURTLE HATCHERY we decided to leave our hotel and do some touring of Sri Lanka.
The five of us rented a van and a tour guide and drove to the popular destination of Galle. On route we stayed in two different hotels, played with water guns and met a Lewak Civet whom had been abandoned by his mother.
We visited the 64 ISLANDS ON THE BENTOTA RIVER and the working Sri Lankan MOONSTONE MINE. We also went WHALE WATCHING  and spotted Two Blue Whales. Which was truly amazing all be it a bit rough!!
 In our final destination the beautiful Foretress hotel and Spa, near to the Dutch Fort in Galle we had several Aruvedic spa treatments, including the SHIROSHARA third eye oil pouring. Aruvedic treatments is very popular here in Sri Lanka, and this part of the world as natural remedies are cheaper than pharmaceutical medicines and work just as well for small ailments. I met with an Aruvedic Doctor who offered me some digestive wine, similar to the Kefir Miky and I loved so much in the Philippines.
Dutch Fort

Dutch Fort

 We also gained several chipmunk friends after I began feeding them coconut bread from the breakfast table (shh don’t tell!!) The hotels swimming pool is mere metres away from the sea, although the sea is generally to rough for swimming we were able to see LOADS of turtles coming to the surface to breathe every few minutes. We walked the beach collecting shells and we climbed trees and jumped from them info the swimming pool.
IMG_7629 IMG_7675
 On our last night, Mikhail and I (with the crucial help of Aleisha, my little sister) planned a surprise thank you meal IN THE SWIMMING POOL, amongst all the twinkling color changing fairy lights.
IMG_7699 IMG_7698
Thankyou guys for the most amazing holiday, we miss you all already!
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