PUERTO PRINCESA,  A beautifully serene destination in the South of the Philippines on an island names PALAWAN.

Two days in Puerto Princesa. Our accommodation is a place to get close to nature- the HIBISCUS GARDEN INN hammocks line the balcony overlooking the beautiful garden. Our evenings outside our joined by bats, frogs,lizards, cats, and many other wonderful tiny creatures. Breakfast is not included but the food there (especially the pizza!) is absolutely delicious.

Today we went on the Honda Bay Tour, another diverse island hopping tour. First stop was starfish island- a small green island with a white beach, overlooking the sea and the vast blue mountain backdrop where peach and blue starfish littered the shallow ocean floor.


DSCN4516We then went to a drop off point and snorkeled around, unfortunately our underwater camera battery died before we got to snap some photos of the giant clams, or the untouched diverse coral reef. But we spent our hour there, in the deep ocean free diving down to hangout with timid clown fish… little memo look-a-likes in their spongy castle.



We then stopped off at our final island, another white sandy beach where the water becomes deep quickly and an ideally placed diving board hangs out over the sea. We jumpy and dove and flipped (well just Miky!) from the diving board before being escorted back home by our little wooden boat!

IMG_3437 IMG_3443 IMG_3444


Yet another wonderful day in the Philippines.

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  1 comment for “STARFISH ISLAND

  1. Nan
    July 10, 2014 at 6:22 PM

    This looks wonderful.
    What an adventure you are having.
    So happy to see you so happy.
    Love you lots and lots xxx

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