DSCN3705We walked the 15 mins to our new home stay- lemon house, and with 20KG each in our backpacks the 70 steps up in the midday sun were not fun! But the view is worth it; Lemon house is clean, with effective fan – no a/c room available unfortunately but for £6 per night with breakfast included we cant really complain!

Bias Tugal Beach today, bought a sarong and went swimming in the sea. beautiful turquoise waters, but as expected the shore line is littered. which is a real shame as it could be a paradise! Steep hill to get to the beach, and we took the wrong route down which led to a few slips in my flip flops, but all safe and fine apart from Miks sun burn.

Hanging out on the lemon house balcony now, showing off my leg behind the head trick and chatting with a girl in tie-dye dungarees.

Planning on heading out for some freshly caught seafood in a bit 

love and light

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