If you don’t like snakes, LOOK AWAY NOW!

Cobras, King Cobras, Pythons and more.

In Phuket Thailand should you wish to watch a man, “charm” snakes, like a handsome Alejandro in a salsa class, you’ll probably find yourself at the Phuket Snake Show. Many snakes, all venomous and most deadly and one little thai man… annoying them. It wasn’t charming at all really! He poked and kissed the snakes, until they reacted and once they had reacted he would stand completely still… (snakes won’t attack you if you’re still.)

IMG_3868 IMG_3869 IMG_3873 IMG_3947 IMG_3977 IMG_3987

The mans courage was entertaining, but other than that I generally just felt sorry for the snakes! And at 500bath p/p entrance, this half hour of venomous fun doesn’t come cheap by Asian standers. Upon entering Mik and I sat down in the front row (bad idea) 2 meters away from some of the worlds deadliest snakes. Our charmer was introduced by a drunk but funny commentator and proceeded with the act. During a pretty tense moment with a cobra, a snake comes flying from the snake pit and lands in my lap! It only took me a minute to work out that it was made of rubber!










I am glad that I saw this show, as I was pretty amazed by some of the acts. But I won’t be going back in a hurry!




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