DSCN4179I have completely fallen in love with this little island. We have enjoyed candle lit dinners directly on the beach, we have been shoeless for days, enjoying the sunset, the turtles and bike rides along the beach. Pulling the husk from coconuts to enjoy their sweet flesh.

Tomorrow, I will be beginning my Open Water Padi. Well, technically Im going out to do a discovery dive… but this (should I wish it) will be one of my Open Water dives. Today I had a brief introduction to diving in the shallow end of the swimming pool. I was extremely nervous to dive but felt comfortable with an amazing dive instructor, the senior at this venue, Gareth.

I was sitting by the pool minding my own business reading my book, when Miks started up a conversation (as he so often does) with Gareth and slid into the topic of my reluctant attitude to diving. Whilst I have never been comfortable in claustrophobic spaces, particularly around my face, I think my fear stems from my fire fighting course, whilst at the time I performed well.. whenever recalling my time in the Breathing Apparatus its always with a fast beating heart! I have managed to turn the experience into a negative in my mind, and thus I haven’t been able to put anything on my face to aid unnatural breathing since.

But Gareth quickly adapted my natural instincts to hold on to air in my lungs, and I managed to successfully breath underwater for a few minuets, and the promise of seeing yet more turtles, sting rays and sharks was too cool to hesitate.

So think of me tomorrow, facing my fears head on and diving in the beautiful Gilli Islands! Miky will also be starting a new adventure, as he’s going on a free diving course!

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