The Best Place we stayed at in Ubud.


IMG_0064We stayed in 2 different accommodations in Ubud, the  most beautiful of the 2 (and the best place we have stayed so far) is the “DSK Puta hidden” home stay, it cost us around £10 per night, with breakfast included. It has a beautifully serene tranquility pool, spiritual offerings in the form of flowers, burning incense sticks and rice balls placed around every morning with a small prayer from the local staff. (as does everywhere!) We have air conditioning, free wifi, minibar fridge, a comfortable double bed, TV, modern bathroom with shower and bath, housekeeping, local breakfast bought right to our balcony and we are minuets walk from Ubuds main streets- yet all we hear at night are crickets, frogs, dogs, cats, birds and not a single motorbike!! And did I mention ITS CLEAN!


We are surrounded by lush green jungle and fast flowing rivers, there is a HUGE drop just behind the infinity pool where you may overlook the abyss. There are several beautiful animals and insects to be seen right outside our bedroom door. Including friendly, darting butterflies and dragonflies. So far we have not been bitten by any insects here, we did set up our own mosquito net last night as I am usually a favorite feast for any mosquito/biting insect! But this morning we ended up taking it down as it seemed completely irrelevant.


We have friendly neighbors to the left of us, a young finish couple whom have been traveling South East Asia and Indonesia for the past 6 months with their 2 year old daughter Nelly. The home-stay staff are happy and helpful, they are around the place all day doing jobs and settle down in the late afternoon playing a decorated guitar and singing songs before they sleep in the bed behind the reception desk! We chose this home stay as it is a short walk to The Yoga Barn, and a place to experience the gentle Balinese culture and surround yourself by thick nature. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap but immaculate place to stay, with a few home comforts.

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