Ubud has continued to satisfy our growing senses, with new smells and sights to be experienced every day. We spent today exploring the markets and temples of Ubud!

VERY jet lagged we have been waking up at around 4am before the sun rises, which means that around lunch time-after walking in the sun for several hours, we are exhausted! Unfortunately in the middle of the city we are unable to get high enough (no not that kind!) to watch the sunrise and will make the effort to walk to a near by open space of rice paddies to see it soon. Before our morning swim and traditional breakfast we took a stroll at around 5am and saw a family of chickens and cocks, presumably the noisy lot who COCCKKKKAAAADOOODLEDOOO all night long!


Day 3 bought with it a chance to explore UBUD MARKET, which was stinky. Seriously, foul smelling fish and rotting rubbish- but many quirky and unique treasures to be found. I bought 2 pairs of funky shorts with pom-poms on them. Utterly ridiculous but completely appropriate attire for backpacking Bali! Miky searched for a silver ring with a turquoise stone and whilst there were a generous selection, none could suit his hefty, sweaty fingers. We came across sarongs, hippie clothes, art works, fruit, fans, trinkets everything you might expect to find at a market. It was the ideal opportunity to practice our (fairly poor) negotiating skills and chat with the friendly locals.


Fairly close to the market is a beautiful temple named “Desa Temple” where we sat and enjoyed lunch overlooking the lily lake. I have not been eating meat since we arrived, so we each enjoyed a veggie soup whilst sitting cross-legged and barefoot in the traditional Balinese seating area; after which I VERY nearly fell asleep and Miky kindly photographed me! (picture below) The temple sported beautiful intricate carvings on a richly painted door, and built in oil burners sat all around the lake and temple; as well as several good and bad spirit representations. (Which can be seen all over Ubud)

We then wandered over to the YogaBarn, after a quick stop in the local doggy charity shop. As I have mentioned before there are diseased stray dogs everywhere, and it has become quite distressing to see. They have very obvious and serious skin diseases, some are rabid, some are starving, blind, very sad and yet still friendly. And so we went to pursue some volunteer work at the BAWA charity. (Bali Animal Welfare Association- whom accept online donations by the way!!!) We took our first yoga class at the YogaBarn. The open air studio at the top of some windy wooden stairs was breathtaking. Views of greenery set the scene for what was a thorough and relaxing lesson. After which we treated ourselves to a fresh, homegrown wheatgrass shot. Which was surprisingly sweet and delicious, unlike our rancid powder formula at home, and without the bitter aftertaste that comes from Lakesides BOOST BAR!

IMG_0382I have also posted a picture of a flower decorated water bath. Which I know little about but believe it to be another form of offering. Its just a little example of the many beautiful sights to be seen along every street and corner. Yes, the roads smell, and pavements are falling apart, theres litter and rotting rubbish everywhere you look, rabid dogs and persistent sales-men, but if you look closely, theres beauty in everything.

K xxxxxxxx

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