Despite the fact that spending the day at a giant corporate theme IMG_1974park would lead us in the complete opposite direction to our intended one, (of getting back to our first mother,  rural life living, culture, soul searching and enriching) we IMG_2035decided to go for it anyway! I personally consider myself a bit of a theme park connoisseur considering how many parks I have been to. So we were pretty excited to learn that Singapore has its very own Universal Studios (a park I have visited in the USA 3 times in the last 20 months) I won’t write much about the park, mainly because I don’t want to spend anymore time on it!

The iconic spinning UNIVERSAL STUDIOS globe, provides the IMG_2032expected sense of both thrill and charm to all arriving guests. The formula of cartoon-like streets, catchy cheesy music and dancers all met my high expectations. Everything followed the right formula, but the rides, for us were TAME. There was chaos. There was noise, but there was no joyous adrenaline rush here. We did still enjoy the other wonders of the park, the shows and the casual rides. But if you are a genuine thrill seeker, looking to be catapulted, dropped, jerked, whizzed around and just generally assult all of your kinesthetic senses, like us, then unfortunately this place is not for you. We didn’t even have the opportunity to be upside down or dropped from hight once, which I understand sounds like a very odd complaint, but isn’t that the exact requirements for an adult theme park visit? Maybe we have just been too spoilt by our trips to the USA.

Sentosa Island in general however was extremely satisfying to walk around, with an air of luxury and ease. We didn’t see much of it, but we of course stopped to catch a glimpse of the The Merlion statue. 

After which we got down in CHINA TOWN, separate post to follow.






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