Who is your favorite celeb? You know in the film “Inception” with the beautiful Leo; when they weave an intricately detailed dream, and somehow act out of place so that the other dream characters stare perpetually at Ellen Page?…. thats what it feels like walking around Legazpi in The Philippines. The kids especially all stare at us, often asking “how tall are you?” along with shouts like “what your name!!” but many of the people in Legazpi seem to stare at us, adults included. We haven’t met other white tourists here, maybe the people aren’t used to seeing white, blonde, giant tourists! But its pretty eerie being watched all the time. Particularly whilst walking through a night market, boasting an array of smoking BBQ fish and meat, and sticky sweet-smelling fruit stalls. Even the most casual of glances can be perceived menacingly in a foreign market at night.

The night market was all food stalls, mostly BBQd chicken or pork and several fruit stands. We got ourselves some BBQ chicken on a stick, with a honey glaze and took it back to our Legazpi Hotel. 


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