Dead fish and colorful jelly fish litter the shore line, and bright asian boats twitch, taunted by the lapping swell. We are on the beach directly in front of our accommodation in Donsol.

Within thirty seconds, we discovered we weren’t the only ones on the tourist-less beach.

“HI, WHAT YOUR NAME!!!!” “HI BABY!” “WHAT YOUR NAME!!!!!” “MY NAME…” high pitched squeals and screeches bellowed from tiny happy faces. Fifty plus (and Im not even exaggerating) Filippino kids were playing on the

IMG_2125black sand beach, and not a single adult insight! Aged between two and ten these kids were dancing and jumping around in front of us. Touching my blonde hair and face. One girl, (holding a tiny puppy) the spokes person for about ten smaller girls standing behind her asked “You take picture?” and pointed to my camera. The bouncy infants, (who all had puppies, but laid them down for this routine) co-ordinated group “Jumps” and other moves with glee, for me to capture. Squealing with delight when they saw the outcome on my canon screen. This continued, with a constant stream of adult-less, camera loving kids the entire stretch of the beach! Allowing me to catch some fabulous facial expressions and shots.IMG_2133IMG_2130

After about an hour we walked back, still being greeted excitedly by hundreds of happy children. Our quiet walk on the beach didn’t turn out quite how we expected it to, instead it was so much better!

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  1 comment for “WHAT YOUR NAME?

  1. Donna
    June 7, 2014 at 7:53 PM

    The children are so beautiful and not a laptop or computer game in sight. I did note from one of your pictures that they like to gesture quite a lot. Happy little souls! X

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