A STORM AT THE BEACH! (White Sand Beach)

If barefoot with salty hair is your style, you’re probably a beach lover. Where does a beach lover go in Cebu? To the beach… this beach happens to be in Moalboal.

Miky and I took a thirty minuite trycicle ride to Moalboals very own beautiful white sand beach. The beach was busy with naked kids jumping from wooden boats. Bamboo huts and BBQs lined the main beach front. We wandered along the beach, until we came to a quiet spot. The beach, like most SE Asian beaches, is not equipped with sun beds and umbrellas for shade; and you quickly learn to find yourself a palm tree to lie beneath.







After some time laying on the beach, and swimming in the vibrant sea we wanted to wash off the sweaty, sandy, salty residue. Knowing that a beach fresh water shower is wishful thinking out here we snuck into a nearby hotel, jumped in their pool…….. and  we were swiftly kicked out!


As the tide receded we walked along the rocky ground in search of crabs, we found hundreds, but they were all too small. By the time we had returned to our spot a dark grey cloud was ominous in the sky above. All the locals ran into their bamboo homes, but we were determined to wait it out. Within moments the heavens had opened and we ran to shelter!




Several free dogs were hanging out on the beach, I want to take them all home with me and introduce them to my dogs, Pickle, Pumpkin and Bambie.


 Another relaxing day at another beautiful asian white sand beach!



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