Healing Your Heart – Yoga & Grief

Yoga everyday-
Last month May 2015 my Grandad died.
In a world that seems so disconnected Yoga promises to connect us. It helps connect us to ourselves, each other, the devine, the truth but what about in the face of grief? If Yoga brings you to your truth, but your truth is choking you?
You know when you swallow something and it goes down the “wrong hole” and your not choking enough to warrant help, you can cope alone but you’re in this place this space between ok and not ok… When you carefully breathe around whatever it is thats lodged in your throat to prevent further aggravation. That is my g rief.
What about when life, life that is usually muffled by Facebook and vines, work schedules and “whats for lunch” distractions becomes real too. Suddenly all of those distractions aren’t distractions anymore.
It is in these moments, that we need yoga the most. For a while, I literally couldn’t even deal. The idea of getting on my mat wasn’t even an option but slowly Im getting back to it, and loving yoga more than ever.
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